Willow Class



Our wonderful Willow Class is made up of Year 1 and 2 pupils, with Mrs Tissiman and Mrs Coles as class teachers as well as, Mrs Clarke as the teaching assistant.  We work on a positive growth mindset and have worked hard to persevere, take risks and collaborate as we build resilience to keep going, even when things are challenging. We love challenges and enjoy celebrating our work with others.


During the summer term, our topic is 'Flying High and Famous'. As part of our studies, we will be looking at the weather, map reading, famous landmarks from the ground and from the air, as well as the history of flight. In Science, we will be planting lettuce and keeping a diary to see how much our individual pots have changed each week, before we take them home to harvest. After half term, we will be studying 'Animals and Humans' and will visit the Cotswold Farm Park to see some animals up close.


Class Dojo

Please follow Willow on the Class Dojo where you will find useful posts, updates and snippets.  We may post pictures of the children taking part in exciting activities or send out notices.


PE days

Willow Class have weekly PE sessions on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Over the term we will work on a range of ball skills and team games.


Weekly Homework

We encourage all our children to take ownership of their learning by completing some activities at home. These include:

Daily reading - this is such an important life skill and by sharing this experience, both parents and staff can celebrate the efforts of the children

Weekly spellings - this will really help children to develop confidence with their free writing, build on their phonic skills and master age appropriate common exception words.

Times Tables - It is important for the children to make links between multiplication and the direct inverse as division. This life skill will help them to develop quicker recall of the known facts, which they can then apply to problem solving activities. Therefore, over the summer term, children will take a weekly Times Tables Sticker Challenge, with 48 questions to be completed within a time limit of 6 minutes. Even though they may not finish within the time, they will see the progress they are making with their increased scores. Once a times table has been mastered, they will be awarded their special sticker and move onto the next one, so they will all be working within their own personal level.

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